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be sexy and carbs the right way!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Feeling guilty and fat when eating tempting deliciously foods? Wanted to know why foods reach in carb like chocolates and pizzas tends you to feel fat?

It is because of GI!

We need carbohydrates, because it gives us energy. What we should be wary about, is its glycaemic index a.k.a GI.

GI is a measure of the effects of carbs on blood glucose levels. Carb foods that are easily to digest have a high GI (70-99) while, carb foods take the longest or break down slowly have a low GI (55-less). Foods with low GI have significant health benefits.

The sudden rise or low of glucose levels after eating high-GI foods saps your energy. This is why we feel week after eating high-GI foods.

Food examples and their GI classifications:

Low GI – most fruits and vegetables, grainy breads, pastas, legumes, milk and products with low carbs such as fish, eggs, meat, nuts and oils.

Medium GI – whole wheat products, brown rice, orange sweet potato, table sugar

High GI – corn flakes, baked potato, watermelon, white rices, croissant, white bread, candy, cereals

Here’s the lists on how to still indulge and enjoy your favorite foods..less guilt and weight gain worry free!!

It has a medium GI, especially natural oats, they are reach in fiber, high in vitamin B6, and can help absorb toxins, but eat it minus the full-fat milk and sugar. You can add peaches, cherries, plums or pears to lower its GI. This one is a great breakfast…Try it.

Pastas have low GI, the additives and ingredients we add increases the GI. Go for tomato-based pastas instead of cream sauces and swap dinner rolls which are high GI into sourdough bread which is the lowest GI bread.

It has a medium GI, but by few changes on the ingredients, you can lower the GI. Use whole wheat or thin crust instead of high-GI white bread, NO to cheese-filled crust and top it with tomatoes, low-fat cheese, mushrooms and olives. You can add herbs, garlic or basil if you want.

Potatos have high GI but it’s nutritious, you can swap it with a cap of mashed sweet potato which is low GI and switch french fries to camote wedges.

Get a low-fat version of ice creams add berries or peaches, few squares of anti-oxidant-rich dark chocolates with nuts for deserts. Some of cakes have low GI too.

See, we can still eat what we want..but in a more sexier and healthy way.. =^.^=

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