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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

okay okay per dhainz wish..i will share some things or infos behind my love story.. i don't want to make a long story here... so i decided to make it this way....

100 things about my colorful and precious lovelife...

1. he's just an office mate before
we never talk, 'coz i don't even know him at all (in short dedma lang)

3. fyi...he's just two feet away..just a little head turn at my back every single working day

4. we didn't notice each other

5. we had a common friends but we never talk (pa rin..hehehe)

6. he had a crush with one of my batch mate (sa office)

7. one of his former classmate is my former office mate, who is a bf of my friend..

8. i added him on my friendster

9. i sneak on his friendster account and found out that he's a capricorn and he loves dogs

10. that's the first time i started talking to him

11. capricorn sign is not his real sign pala...(victim ako...hahaha...takot sya sa blowout thats why he change it daw...)

12. his real sign is VIRGO...

13. sign that i hated so much that time...

14. most guys that i've met having "virgo" as their sign, bad shot sa'kin..

15. but he change that...he proves that he's not one of them...hehehe

16. i started to notice him everyday

17. got curious of him

18. we became friends

19. we hang out

20. he invited me to the mall

21. having fun talking with each other

22. we eat lunch together with our friends

23. he ask my opinion about the shirt he's going to buy

24. he beats my best guy talking to me for 8 hours straight on the phone

25. he started to like me

26. i started to like him too...

27. we watch movie everyday

28. having long phone chats every morning and every night.

29. he tells that he likes me

30. i'm speechless

31. i prayed, asking God to guide me

32. he hold my hands

33. i said "yes" to him @ exactly 12 in the afternoon

34. i announced to my closest friends that i have a bf 5 mins before i said yes to him..

35. march 16, 2006 is our anniv

36. "don't hurt me", words that gives him hint that i agreed to be his girl

37. he calls me khuletz

38. i call him nickz

39. nickz came from a bandname nickleback

40. far away by nickleback is out fave song
41. he influenced me to appreciate rock alternative songs

42. we both love music

43. we do moviemarathon alot

44. i made him desserts

45. i cook for him

46. he always makes me happy

47. i tell him everything

48. he tells me everything

49. he comforts me

50. he have his cute dance steps

51. we love to eat

52. kisses me a lot

53. says "i love you" a million times

54. we celebrate our day every month

55. we're on our 3rd year now

56. he gave me a puppy

57. he loves everything about me

58. i love everything about him

59. i never been so happy like now

60. makes me feel that i'm important

61. loves me dearly

62. we compliment each other

63. respect

64. he pampers me

65. i tolerate his game addictiveness

66. i love to sleep on his chest

67. staring at each other

68. he's proud of me

69. i'm proud of him

70. my family loves him

71. his mom loves me
72. couldn't ask for more

73. cheers me up

74. we love chocolates

75. riding on his bike going to different places

76. taking care of our cute puppy

77. no secrets

78. i believe on him

79. sweet boyfriend
80. healthy petty quarrels

81. we never sleep until we settle our misunderstandings

82. we can talk anything under the sun

83. he listens

84. i listen
85. loves to take pictures together

86. free to talk our points of view
87. my bestfriend

88. my boyfriend

89. my man

90. my future husband

91. my life
92. taking together each step at a time

93. just having each other
94. he loves me because he loves me

95. i love him because i love him

96. faith keep us strong through these years

97. preparing things to be together for the rest of our lives

98. getting married soon



Posted by edelyn montesa dela ysla at 2:28 AM  
kg said...

what a nice and sweet post! nice story! :)

March 31, 2009 at 3:28 PM  
Kat - Kat said...

wow! you did that? glign! ang sipag. at ang sweeett :D

April 4, 2009 at 7:37 AM  
Dhianz said...

uy! napadaan lang... teka h-mode akoh eh... pero na-touched akoh ha... nagkuwento ka palah nang luvlife nyoh... u guyz look great together... =) hmmm... 8 hours on d' fone... wow... and hmm... yes at exactly 12 noon... sweet... sayang... midnight sanah para ala-cinderella.. lolz.. 3 yrs. na palah kayoh... sweet... ahh kaya palah khuletz ang nick moh... awww ang sweet sweet nyo namang dalawah.. graveh... and hmmm... kayah palah u love bakin' chocolates post ha.. and aww really u guyz gettin' married soon... i wish yah two all d' best... basta lagay nyoh lang si God lagi sa middle nang relationship nyo ha... sis khuletz hiatus mode akoh sa page koh ngaun... napadaan lang sau... kayah Sshhhhhh... lolz.. *hugz*... Godbless! -di

April 13, 2009 at 12:33 PM  

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