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We will never forget you Pres. Cory Aquino

Sunday, August 2, 2009

President Corazon C. Aquino Jan. 25, 1933-Aug. 1,2009

I am watching right now the ANC (TFCNOW-ABS-CBN Interactive) live coverage of transferring of Pres. Cory's remains from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral. I feel sad because we lose the most brave woman who fights for our freedom and democracy. She really gave us Filipinos, the most precious gift of being free from the martial law who brought us hurts, sufferings and unequal rights. Eventhough, during the People Power Revolution I am only four years old, I knew from my parents and from school how really great she is. She really play the big part on our history and we can never forget her. People gather together to see her for the last time and give respect to her, as if it is like during 1986 people support her. Yellow is everywhere, from shirts to balloons and confetti. The sprit of EDSA '86 is there.

I admire her in every aspects of life. She's a great leader to her nation, wife to her husband, mother to her children, and child to our Lord. I cannot forget when she said "Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos kasi ginawa Nya akong Pilipino." Those words shows how proud she is, to be a Filipino.

I am so thankful to have a leader like her. Not only the Filipinos, but the whole world are so proud of her. Filipinos love her dearly, and we will never forget you President Cory Aquino. Forever you will be in our hearts. SALAMAT PO!

Posted by edelyn montesa dela ysla at 7:49 PM  

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