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Mind Reader

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What will you do, if you will know that the person you’re talking to, already know what’s really going on your mind? Then he will tell you, “I know you’re lying” or “Really? Is that so? But you’re mind says that you did this not that, am I right?”  BIG LIAR!!!

Why did I ask those questions? Well, it is because I got curious about it. Few weeks ago, I met this man at Ortigas. I got a chance to have a 30-45 minutes chatting with him, (FYI: actually, that’s an interview..I’m trying to look for a possible job that I really want) a very extraordinary job interview I should say. In that short span of time I get to know him a “little better”.  Little better, because he shares some of personal experiences which I think really helps him to get all that he has right now. I learned a lot of things from him, from his point of views, experiences, and things that made him busy and made him so interested.  On how he handled his people, treat them good and appreciate them in every way. I admire him for all those things, even though I just met him less than an hour, I see a very positive and justified man. I rarely met someone like him whom I can learn a lot. Plus the fact, that it is a job interview and I get tips from him about career, attitudes, social interactions, extra income and love life, would you believe that? Where in the world could you get that kind of boss or job interviewer? What I also like about him is that, he also spends time listening with what I have said, my point of views and my beliefs (he really gives respect). As if we are giving advices and sharing stories as friends. 

In the middle of our “chatting” (that’s what I called it), he told me, “Have you notice I rarely don’t look you eye to eye?” (I just smiled back to him), “It’s is because I have ability to read minds, and it would be unfair to you if I already know what will be your answer to my questions even if you don’t say a word.” The moment he said that, I don’t feel anxious or got worried, instead I get so curious on how can he do that? Does he have magic like David Blaine? Does he have super powers like Superman or Professor X to do that? How did he learn that? Did he learn it from a magical school or a psychology class? If it is possible to learn that ability, I am so willing to take all chances that I get in order to have that. So cool isn’t it? Imagine, with those ability you can tell who’s really telling the truth or who are the sincere or the fake people around you or does your boyfriend is cheating on you. It can be also a big help for me to decide who I am going to vote this coming election. That’s a lot of fun!

Kidding aside, mind-reading is a critical human skill. It is the way on how we make sense of other people’s behaviour. It can be also referred as telepathy. Telepathy is the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than five senses such as sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Or simply, based on most of science fiction it is the ability of sensing the thoughts of others.

There is a lot to tell about mind reading, but for now, I have to read and search more things about that, then I’ll inform you guys what I have found out and tell you stories about what I have discovered.

Posted by edelyn montesa dela ysla at 8:15 AM  

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